Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach is simple: we'll work with you to provide exactly what you want, quickly and efficiently, and then back it with a guarantee. Got a different question? A unique need? An idea? Contact Us!

Where is MY logo?

Where is my logo? Please be patient, we're adding more as we go. Keep in mind we make arrangements with your organization before offering anything for purchase. Got a request? Email Us!

Can I have a different logo?

custom logos available Of course, as long as we have permission to print it (in the case of a trademarked logo). Please Contact Us to discuss your needs. We can also create a brand-new custom logo for you.

Do you offer discounts?

Discounts available Certainly. We can offer volume discounts for large quantities, and we can also work directly with your athletic organization or boosters to create effective fundraisers. Contact Us to talk it over.

How do you apply Michigan Team Pride Decals?

Installation Instructions Installation is straightforward; simply follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Apply only at temperatures above 50 degrees F.
  2. Important! Thoroughly clean surface with window cleaner; dry completely
  3. Remove adhesive backing from back of decal
  4. Position bottom edge of decal on surface while holding top edge away
  5. Starting from bottom, press decal onto surface in a side-to-side motion

Are different sizes, styles, or colors available?

Custom designs available Yes! Michigan Team Pride can provide custom-designed decals, banners, vehicle lettering, or signage up to 54 inches wide in virtually any color, layout, or theme. Please Contact Us to talk about your unique project.

Is there a Guarantee?

Three-Year Guarantee Yes. Your decal will be printed on premium cast vinyl using modern piezoelectric inkjet technology and durable outdoor-rated ink, and then laminated with a with a UV protection layer for lasting durability and brightness. Michigan Team Pride offers a 3-year replacement guarantee on all custom decals: Guaranteed not to discolor, crack, or peel for 3 years!

Is my information secure?

Payment Process is SSL Secured Absolutely. Our SSL-secured payment process ensures complete protection of your financial data, and none of your personal information will be given to 3rd parties, ever.

When will I receive my decal?

10-day turnaround Our typical turnaround time is 10 business days, however if you have a more urgent need, feel free to Contact Us to discuss options.